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Prime Technologies - CNC Verification

Predator Virtual CNC - Accuracy and Speed

NEW! Predator Virtual CNC 2005
available September 30th

Supports Milling / Turning / CMM and much more . . . . .

What is Predator Virtual CNC?

Predator Virtual CNC is software designed to simulate and verify operation of your CNC machines on your PC.  By simulating the machining process off line you literally save thousands of pounds in lost time, scrapped parts, broken tools, machine crashes and improve overall machine productivity.


CNC Support:

Allen Bradley Anilam Bridgeport Bosch Bostomatic Centurion Centroid Cincinnati Deckel DMG Dynapath Emco Fadal Fagor Fanuc Fidia GE G&L Haas Heidenhain Hurco K&T Maho Mazak MDSI Mitsubishi Moog NUM Okuma Prototrak Roland Siemens Toshiba Vickers Yasnac and more...

Why Predator Virtual CNC?

What can it do for me?
Running a profitable manufacturing shop floor is challenging.  And keeping it productive is tough work.  Those that succeed embrace technology. Over 1000 manufacturers and job shops rely on Predator Virtual CNC to keep their CNC machines running reliably while minimizing errors.

  • Eliminate expensive mistakes.

  • Proveout processes offline

  • Simplify CNC Setup

  • Minimize waste

  • Organizes release to shop floor process

  • Gets started quickly and easily

Performing off line simulations has many, many other benefits including:

Increase Productivity - off line simulation frees your machines to run jobs that are making you revenues, not costing you profits...

Maximize Resources - off line simulation adds to tooling life, saves coolant for "real" jobs, reduces "wear and tear" on expensive machine tools, and much more...

Ensure Quality - verify surface finish, feature dimensions, cutter path, tool and holder clearance, gouge checking, and more...

Looking for a better way to prove out your parts? With Virtual CNC™ from Predator Software you have full featured, true solids based NC code verification and simulation capabilities on your PC.

Includes the following features:

  • Easy to use with standard Windows interface and online help

  • 2, 3, 4 & 5 Axis Milling

  • 2 Axis Turning

  • True Solids

  • Comprehensive G & M code support

  • APTCL, NCI and INC support

  • Error Detection

  • Part Inspection prior to machining

  • Includes support for over a 100 CNC controls.

  • User Configurable Reverse Post Processor.

  • Automatic Gouge Detection.

  • Multiple Parts, Fixtures, Tombstones and Processes.

  • Lots of customization options

  • Advanced Tooling

  • Complex Stock and Fixtures

  • CAD Compare for 'Designed vs Machined' analysis.

  • Full Machine Simulation with collision detection

  • Predator CNC Editor

  • Predator API and ActiveX development platform

Milling - 2, 3, 4 & 5 Axis

Predator Virtual CNC™ supports all standard milling machine configurations with 3 to 5 driven axes. User definable machine tool configurations with our flexible reverse post processors allows standard VMCs and HMCs to be supported. Standard milling and drilling cycles are all supported.


NOTE: Advanced milling features include sub programs, macros, variables, expressions, loops, and branching are all supported..

Turbo Milling

Make molds or dies? Predator Virtual CNC's Turbo Milling technology is optimized for 3-axis surface machining. Processing times are often many times quicker than competitive technologies, while retaining the accuracy that you would expect.


NOTE: Turbo Milling can process 10,000 to 40,000 blocks of G code per second on Pentium P4 based PCs.

4 and 5 Axis Simultaneous Milling

Make complex parts? Predator Virtual CNC fully supports simultaneous 4 and 5 axis machining. Optionally, you can define your entire machine for full collision detection of any moving part.


NOTE: Support for rotary heads, rotary tables, nutated heads, nutated tables and multiple spindles are all supported.

Turning - 2 Axis

Have CNC Lathes? Predator Virtual CNC™ supports 2-axis turning applications. User definable machine tool configurations combined with our comprehensive library of reverse post processors allows standard HTLs and VTLs to be supported.  Standard lathe facing, turning, threading, grooving, roughing and drilling cycles are all supported.

NOTE: Advanced turning features include sub programs, macros, variables, expressions, loops, and branching are all supported.

Turbo Turning

Need to inspect lathe parts? Predator Virtual CNC's Turbo Turning technology is optimized for 2-axis lathe parts that support fast and easy inspection.

Solids based technology - Predator CMS Modeling™

Predator Virtual CNC™ is based on our internally developed solid modeling technology called CMS Modeling™. CMS Modeling has been developed over the last 20 years for the specific purpose of CNC machine simulation and verification. CMS Modeling provides numerous benefits vs. the popular solid modeling kernels one finds within CAD/CAM software.

G and M Codes Support via Configurable Reverse Post

Have a variety of CNC machines? Predator Virtual CNC includes 100+ reverse posts to get you started.  A 200+ page reverse post manual documents all of the options available to support a wide range of CNC machines.  Specific reverse posts to each of your machines can also be purchased.

APTCL Support

Need to verify APTCL? Predator Virtual CNC supports several flavors of APTCL formats from the leading CAM systems.  APTCL is supported just like G & M codes and extensive customization is possible via the reverse post.

SmartCAM Support

Need to verify SmartCAM tool motion? Predator Virtual CNC directly supports CNC code files.

MasterCAM Support

Need to verify MasterCAM tool motion? Predator Virtual CNC directly supports NCI files.  In addition, a C-hook is included that will automatically transfer all appropriate stock and tooling definitions from MasterCAM directly into Predator Virtual CNC.

SurfCAM Support

Need to verify SurfCAM tool motion? Predator Virtual CNC directly supports INC files.

Error Detection

Want to minimize mistakes? Predator Virtual CNC™ detects programming and postprocessor errors before they can cause disruption on the machine shop floor. Predator's Virtual CNC™ Error Log even allows you to directly edit the exact line of code where the error occurs using the included Predator Editor. The following errors are detected:

  • CNC Program Syntax Errors
  • Rapid Travels Into The Part
  • Tool Shank Collisions
  • Tool Holder Collisions
  • Tool Collisions With Fixtures And Clamps
  • Gouge Detection

Predator finds errors down to the exact line of code!

Part Inspection prior to Machining

Want to verify that the right thing will happen on the shop floor?Predator Virtual CNC™ provides animated simulation of the machining process. Seeing how the tool behaves under program control provides great reassurance that there are no gross errors in the program and makes the cause of smaller errors easier to diagnose. Rapid zoom, rotate, pan and cross-sectioning of solid model views allows errors to be seen, even if they are hidden from the original view or are inside the part.

NOTE: Predator Virtual CNC's database is accurate provides precise results.  It is independent of your screen resolution and view angle.

Feature Inspection

Need to inspect parts? Predator Virtual CNC™ includes feature based inspection and virtual CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine) inspection capability. Feature based inspection uses the CMS feature recognition capability to measure feature dimensions and the relationship between separate features. Predator Virtual CNC™ recognizes edges, arcs, cylinders, planes and cones. To select a feature, all you need to do is click on the feature using the mouse cursor.

Select features such as planes, arcs, edges, and more...

CMM Inspection

Predator Virtual CNC™'s - Virtual Coordinate Measuring Machine™ (CMM) provides point inspection for complex surfaces. Using the mouse cursor as the CMM probe, the user can select any point on a surface and get the co-ordinates for that point. Entering multiple points allows the relationship between points to be measured. Keyboard input of precise X-Y co-ordinates returns precise Z values for that point.

CAD Compare

Need to machine within tolerances? Predator Virtual CNC includes an option to compare the machined part back to the designed part within any tolerance. Users can define a tolerance above and below which excess  material and gouges are shown. The tolerance can be adjusted at any time without reprocessing the job. Using Predator's STL Compare™ capability in conjunction with CMM inspection allows deviations from the design model to be measured at any point on the part surface.

Advanced Tooling

Have complex tooling? Predator Virtual CNC includes support for 10 standard milling tool types and 10 standard turning tool types.  Custom tool shapes, custom tool shanks, and custom holders are all supported.  An unlimited number of tool libraries provides tool kits per machine, per customer, etc.

Complex Stock and Fixtures

Machine castings? Use complex fixtures? Predator Virtual CNC supports 10 standard stock and fixture shapes.  Complex stock and fixtures can be importing via STL files.  Full collision detection is supported for chucks, jaws, face plates, tail stocks, tombstones, pallets, clamps, vices, etc.

Includes the Predator CNC Editor™

Tired of manually editing CNC code?
At no additional charge each Predator Virtual CNC license includes the Predator CNC Editor. The Predator Editor is the perfect NC code editing tool. Includes Intelligent NC Code Editing, Side-by-side File Compare, 3D Graphical Backplotting, CNC Templates™, and more.

For more details click Predator CNC Editor...

Predator API and ActiveX Development Platform

Want to integration Predator Virtual CNC within your own application? Predator Virtual CNC includes an open development and comprehensive API (application programming interface) with 300+ methods all fully documented.  Even easier is an ActiveX control that you can drop into your existing project.  Several source code examples are available and you have the flexibility of using C++, VB, VB script, Delphi and other compatible programming languages.

Note: Dynamic Graphics, Virtual CNC, Virtual Coordinate Measuring Machine, STL Compare, CMS Modeling, are trademarks of Predator Software Inc. All other trademarks or registered trademarks belong to their respective holders.


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