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Prime Technologies - SmartCAM Router Pack

SmartCAM Router Pack Option, a subset of SmartCAM Lib

The following routines have been developed by Prime Technologies Ltd to assist in the automation of CNC toolpath within SmartCAM for customers using Routing or Profile Style Machines. The routines automate the following processes:

Sheet Setup
Tool file Maintenance
Geometry management
Feature Find
Hole Machining
Profile Machining
Pocket Machining
Biscuit Joints
Part Tagging
Creating CNC Code

Circle geometry
Profile Start location
User preferences
Data management

 The routines do not restrict the general usage of SmartCAM or limit its overall functionality, they are designed to complement the workings of SmartCAM.

 Router Pack software has been written using the SmartCAM Macro language and Visual CTK to ensure 100% compatibility.

 The routines are designed to work with the following SmartCAM products:

SmartCAM Production Milling v19+
SmartCAM Advanced Production Milling v19+
SmartCAM Freeform Machining v19+

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