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 Installing SmartEDGEcnc

 a) Download ZIP file
 b) Run SETUP
 c) Use default install path


[ Product-Verification-SmartEDGEcnc ]                                               

Advanced Verification and Reverse Engineering Software


SmartEDGEcnc Milling and Turning

What is SmartEDGEcnc? (See Video)

SmartEDGEcnc is software designed to check; simulate and graphically verify operation of your NC/CNC code file prior to releasing the data to the machine tool.  By simulating the machining process off line you can eliminate unexpected errors and SAVE time; money; scrap; and breakages.

This is the second generation of advanced verification and reverse engineering software released by Prime Technologies Ltd which is designed to operate standalone or as an integral part of SmartCAM. SmartEDGEcnc has been developed with an intuitive user interface providing a 'wizard' style operation for ease of use.

Product Overview:   

SmartEDGEcnc is designed to gather information based on CNC code files and provide an additional level of verification, a comprehensive range of machine and control configurations are supplied.

CNC code is checked for syntax problems and a SmartCAM graphical program produced allowing the user to simulate and predict machine tool moves prior to running a program on the machine tool.

SmartEDGEcnc can be used as a reverse engineering tool allowing CNC code files to be verified for syntax and using SmartCAM's graphical verification tools checked for manufacturing accuracy.

Reads and validates CNC code files and creates editable tool path
Pre-defined machine configurations and user definable CNC code formats

Take a proven program, validate, edit, change code format

Provides user with a means to convert CNC code format e.g. Fanuc to
Supports 2
& 3 axis plus B-axis positional also hole cycles
Supports G17/18/19 circular interpolation
Provides Solids Verification of CNC code files
Graphically view CNC code files from existing library's

Product Applications:

Verification of CNC code files prior to machining SmartEDGEcnc will simulate the machine tool movements based on the CNC code file being issued to the machine tool

Take an existing CNC code file and provide the user with the ability to perform the following:

  • Graphically simulate the manufacturing process based on the CNC code file

  • Graphically edit the manufacturing tool path

  • Use speeds and feeds from CNC code file

  • Change speeds and feeds based on new tooling database

  • Change the cutting tools and the order used

  • Convert CNC code format eg Fanuc to Heidenhain

Check critical manufacturing detail:

  • Maximum speed and feed for each tool

  • Validate tool change activation process

  • Climb mill and upcut machining

  • Small tool path movements whist cutter compensation is active

  • Manufacturing sequence

  • Maximum arc radius when using radius arc programming

Who's using SmartEDGEcnc?:

Used by British Aerospace; Machine Tool Manufacturers; Fabrication Engineers and Cutting Tool Supply Specialists also in Education for part program verification


Single license costs just 290.00 + vat
Second license cost 275.00 + vat
Additional licenses cost 200.00 + vat per license

First twelve months product support and updates included

If your control is NOT listed CALL for details of NEW controls


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