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 Installing SmartEDGEcnc

 a) Download ZIP file
 b) Run SETUP
 c) Use default install path


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Prime Technologies

SmartEDGEcnc Milling and Turning

Preview and verify NC/CNC files
(See Video)

  • Reads NC/CNC data and checks the file format for errors

  • Provides a preview of the NC/CNC code in graphical format

  • Support Pan and Zoom

  • Works with machines that have 'B' axis indexing

  • Supports G17/18/19 circular interpolation

  • Provides selective viewing of toolpath on each index plane

  • Supports a very wide range of control systems including:



Radius arc programming
Signed I & J radius arc programming
Unsigned I & J radius arc programming
Absolute arc centre using I & J values
ISO and Heidenhain code
Predefined machine and control systems
CRC defined as part profile or centre line cutting
Checks moves greater than 180 degrees when radius arc programming
Checks canned cycles
Verifies tool change formats
Provides user configurable control system selector

  • Does not require the support of any CAM software ie runs independently

  • Supports both imperial and metric NC/CNC code files

  • Uses an intuitive wizard interface

  • Windows 2000 and XP compatible

  • Runs on low specification hardware

  • Provides error report

  • Reports on Max speed and feed for each tool

  • Reports on tool sequence

  • Syntax checker for NC/CNC code format

  • Block re-sequencing

  • Space delimiter between word address letters

SmartEDGEcnc Express is especially useful for examining NC/CNC code files and quickly establishing toolpath details.


Single license costs just 190.00 + vat
Second license cost 175.00 + vat
Additional licenses cost 100.00 + vat per license

First twelve months product support and updates included

If your control is NOT listed CALL for details of NEW controls

Planned for next release:

Improved toolpath simulation
Improved User Interface
Improved reporter
New machine and control configurations
Command line input and pre-selected control configuration for accelerated use

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