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Solutions Include:

SmartCAM Training
SmartCAM Sales
SmartCAM Support
AutoMill Developer
AutoTurn Developer
AutoWire Developer


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Prime Technologies Ltd

 Specialists in providing software solutions, training, and customisation for CAD/CAM applications

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           Prime Technologies Ltd has been providing Production engineering solutions to manufacturing companies for many years.

The company specialises in providing product and services based around CNC machining technologies and offers a comprehensive support package designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

The expertise and care that we bring to each of our services reflect two overriding objectives: First, to insure that our assistance is of the highest quality. Second, that our clients receive the maximum return for their investment.

Because we are small, we carefully limit the number of our active projects and clients. We manage each project to insure that we remain focused on a very limited number of assignments. Our aim is to develop a close partnership during the initial phase of each project, and to continue this level of trust and communication as future needs arise.

All projects undertaken are time and cost effective and completed with concentrated dispatch.

Experiences cont.

The company has been successfully involved in numerous CAD & CAM development projects providing our clients with customisation routines and systems, which enhance the core capabilities of the design software.

Industries serviced include:

British Aerospace
Bottle transfer Mechanism & Design
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear fuels
Sub-contract Manufacturing and Design
Routing applications

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