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An alternative to SMA

SmartCAM Support Site
The SmartCAM Support Site contains information for SmartCAM customers. To access this material, you must be a registered SmartCAM end-user with a current maintenance agreement - Call for details. 

SmartCAM Training Schedule
A comprehensive training schedule is available for new and existing users providing update training through to advanced training on ALL products

For additional information and booking details please email:

SmartCAM Software Maintenance Agreements (SMA)
Why should you purchase a SmartCAM Software Maintenance agreement?

Major Product Updates
SmartCAMcnc are committed to the develop of SmartCAM and plan to release version 12 this year and version 13 next year, updates will be available to all Maintenance customers. 

Minor Enhancement Releases
As new products starts to ship it is important to have access to minor updates or service patch releases. Customers with Maintenance will receive all updates.

Prime Technologies offers comprehensive training packages for New users through to Advanced/Power users providing additional product knowledge and greater return from investment. Training is available for the latest release software and backwards to version 4.

Access to the SmartCAM Support Site
SmartCAMcnc extends to its Maintenance customers a  Support Site. From this web portal, customers access download releases, review tech tips, and request product enhancements, you can also keep in touch with the SmartCAM community.

Post Processor Library Access
SmartCAM offers a large library of standard and custom post processors to support your current and future machine tools as well as all major controllers.

And much, much more!

An alternative to SMA 

Some customers are satisfied with the version of SmartCAM they are currently running and see no reason to invest in SMA at this present time, BUT what happens when you need HELP!!!

Prime Technologies Ltd is providing an alternative to SMA which will give customers piece of mind service should anything go wrong.

Types of services covered include:

  • License transfer due to change of hardware

  • General support of product (usage and application issues)

  • Code Generator problems

  • Customization problems

  • User training

  • Just someone to contact when the need arises

For as little as 75.00 per year you can have piece of mind cover and enjoy price discounted services for the following:

For additional information and further details please email:

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