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Prime Technologies - Shark FX

Bring your idea to market faster with Shark FX, the new standard in Conceptual Computer Aided Design (CCAD). Explore new product concepts with unprecedented ease and precisely share data with traditional MCAD and Enterprise solutions.

Shark FX not only complements SmartCAM with its powerful design tools it also provides an excellent tool for working with native CATIA® v4 and PRO/E Wildfire® parts and assemblies

Complete Design Solution
Shark FX is a full featured 2D & 3D digital design solution that provides solutions that address versatile modeling practices, photorealistic rendering, animation, and precision drafting capabilities all within one seamlessly integrated package. Shark FX is the complete solution for creating concept through production digital prototypes.

Ease of Use
While many packages claim ease of use, few actually deliver. Shark FX not only delivers unprecedented usability, but provides an uncompromised, extensive set of 2D & 3D design tools. Shark FX has been designed, from the ground up, to be intuitive for the casual user as well as the professional engineer.

Intelligent Design
Quickly explore “What if” scenarios with Shark FX’s intelligent design features. All modeling operations remember how they were constructed through a feature tree and geometric associativity. Change a key feature or modify reference geometry to explore different part configurations. Use dimensions and constraints to drive 2D profiles which are then used to define extruded, lathed, or swept 3D components.

Action Car 1

Versatile Modeling Methods
Shark FX supports an integrated collection of 2D, 3D, surface, and solid modeling tools. You choose the tools or combination of tools you need for the task at hand. Notable tools include numerous spline creation and modification commands, seventeen surface construction methods, blending, chamfering, shelling, stretching, twisting, bending, and foreign part editing tools. All surface and solid modeling operations transparently support associativity and a history tree for rapid design modifications.

Rendering and Animation
Use our photo realistic rendering and animation tools to help communicate and sell your ideas to others. Drag and drop materials, decals, and background environments to turn your digital prototypes into stunning photo realistic renderings. Create high resolution poster size JPEG, BMP, or EPS files directly from Shark FX. Or create QuickTime VR animations using our fly by and walk through tools.

Concepts Unlimited002

Drawing and Annotation
2D drawings are still a critical part of product design. With Shark FX, your 2D drawings are just a mouse click away using our innovative Model to Sheet tools. Accurately dimension the resulting drawings and add detail, section, or auxiliary views.

Share Data with MCAD and Enterprise Solutions
Unlike facet based design packages, Shark FX uses a precise kernel that facilitates the sharing of data using IGES, STEP, AutoCAD® DXF/DWG and SAT. Shark FX also supports reading native CATIA® v4 and PRO/E Wildfire® parts and assemblies

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